Two Step Auto Detail

Two Step Auto Detail

Vehicle hand washed including:




-Wheel wells 

-Engine bay 

Paint work:

-Claybar to remove dirt and debris that prevent a perfect finish 

-Medium duty compund to remove mild scratches

-3in1 Compound that includes light wax to remove minor scratches. Compound also has sealant to add shine and protection.

"The Details":

-Refinish Plastic trim 

-Chrome/Metal polished 

-Rims polished 

*Add headlight restoration starting at just $50!


-Air blow out 

-Full vacuum 

-Hard to reach areas and unseen areas cleaned

-Clean up surfaces

-UV protection added to surfaces 

-Windows Cleaned

-Carpet shampoo for a deeper clean and remove stains

-Seat stains also removed and extracted if needed

-Carpet floor mats also get extracted

-Remove pet hair

*All services and quotes are provided on an individual and site on scene basis. Prices shown are an average estimation. For more information just call or text 330.416.4440!